Qualification Details

Qualification DETAILS

Diploma of Business


The world of business is forever changing, the past 5 years has seen drastic changes across the business environment and throughout the world. With leaders of industries surging on and breaking through to maintain their sustainable advantages like Virgin, Red-Bull, GE, Apple etc.

What separates them from the rest? How do they do what they do?

In this program we look at the business structures, growth plans, life cycles and other areas that allow you to build sustainable business models.
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This qualification enables participants to learn modern day business theories and applications necessary in running a successful business. Those wishing to undertake this qualification can look forward to developing their business skills and knowledge.

The Diploma of Business will allow the participant to:

Build competitive marketing strategies
Develop businesses through designing sustainable policies and procedures
Foresee and plan for business risk
Manage and develop business financials
Understand the laws that apply to your specific industry
Understanding the positives and negatives of business growth
Create innovative practices to gain a sustainable business model

The BSB50215 Diploma of Business is comprised of face-to-face and distance learning. This course is delivered over a 10 day face-to-face training program while completing extra training and assessments via distance over a 12 month period with assistance by a trainer and assessor.

The face-to-face component of this qualification is undertaken at PTG facilities where students will be taught all the required principles, theories and concepts for the selected qualification package.

The face-to-face component of this course is delivered over a ten day workshop. During the ten days you will complete training with formative and summative assessment activities in the following environments:  

Online and written assessments
Face-to-face practical assessment
Real work experience

You are welcome to attend more than one face-to-face workshop during the 12 month program if you would like extra learning or if the trainer and assessor has identified that you need extra time in order to gain competency. Extra workshops incur no further costs and are included in your original course fee/s.
You will need a computer or tablet with internet access for the online components of this program.  


03.1 Learner Resource

Diploma of Business Learner Guide/ Workbook (Will be provided by PTG).

In order to successfully complete this qualification and gain your Diploma of Business, you must demonstrate competency in all unit knowledge and skill requirements.

If you are unable to demonstrate competency in any of your unit activities or during the face-to-face workshop, you will be invited to attend further workshops where you will be provided with support and further opportunities for practice and to demonstrate the required competencies.

05.1 Credit Transfer

If you have completed any single or multiple units in this qualification and can provide evidence in the form of a certificate and transcript issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or educational body, you may be eligible for credit transfer. You should consult with PTG for advice on this process.

05.2 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL recognises your existing experience gained through life or work for which you may not have obtained a formal qualification. If you are able to supply valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence of having the skills and knowledge required for any or all of the required units for this qualification, you may be eligible for RPL and should consult with PTG for advice on this process.

This qualification is made up of 8 units of competency:  

Course Fee - $3,995.00

$1,500.00 of the course fee is due upon enrolment and prior to accessing the student online platform. The remaining $2,495.00 is due prior to the eight day practical workshop or once 50% of the course has been completed, whichever occurs first.

For information on PTG payment plans, contact us on 1300 161 640 or info@paradigmtraining.com.au




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Attend Practical Sessions

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Have you heard the news? Paradigm Training Group is now conveniently located at Australia’s Greatest Boatyard, The Boat Works in Coomera, QLD.

At this location we have been blessed with a large training room to which we host first aid, navigation workshops and general learning presentations. For mariners in training, you’ll have direct and clear access to the Broadwater and Seaway via our PTG vessels during practical workshops. In your lunch breaks, indulge in onsite delicious delights with super friendly service from Espresso Twenty5 and The Galley.

The Boat Works, that’s where we are at!

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Digital Work-based Learning

aXcelerate has enabled PTG to deliver the latest innovations in education solutions by automating the enrolment, training and assessment processes.” – Rikky Burkett Director of PTG. This management system can be accessed via a portable electronic device (e.g. tablet, laptop, mobile phone) allowing our Trainers/ Assessors to easily assess students in real time. Our staff can record comments, video, photographs and practical observation results even when offline which is a huge advantage during our practical student workshops.