Payment Terms

Payment Terms

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Prior to commencing a course, students will be required to make a payment up to $1500.

Commencement is deemed to have occurred when a learner has enrolled, and either been supplied with learning and assessment materials or provided with login details for Paradigm Training Groups (PTG) student portal (Axcelerate).

During a program of study, for courses over $1500, PTG will require progress payments on the completion of course milestones. Any such progress payments will not individually exceed $1500.

This restriction does not apply to companies and is only for individual learners who are self-enrolling and self-funding.

Where relevant Paradigm Training Group may vary payment arrangements to accommodate individual needs and circumstances and may utilise any of the following payment regimes as negotiated with clients:

Structured payments over a period of time (e.g., 12 monthly payments over one year)
Payment instalments (e.g., for a $3,000 course; $1,000 at commencement. $1,000 half way through the course and $1,000 upon completion of the course.
Negotiated terms of payment over a period of time (in line with NVR guidelines and restrictions)

For information regarding the general terms and conditions please view the Paradigm Training Group Student handbook.

Student Handbook

Students who do not complete courses within the usual course program duration may incur course extension fees up to $150 per 3 months (subject to NVR regulator guidelines and qualification status).

Note: Depending on the course, PTG programs usually run for up to 3, 6, 12 or 24 months.


1. Where a student pays a deposit and withdraws from the course:

1 month prior to the commencement of the course A fee equal to 5% of the course cost will be retained to cover administration cost. Any additional funds already paid to see RTO will be returned to the student.
Less than 1 month prior to the commencement of the course A fee equal to 10% of the course cost will be retained to cover administration cost. Any additional funds already paid to be RTO will be returned to the student.
Where a student has already commenced a course and withdraws PTG will generally agree to negotiate a proportional refund of fees already paid to PTG equal to the proportion of the course not yet delivered but reserves the right to refuse a refund in this situation where PTG believes this is warranted.


2. In a circumstance where the RTO cancels a course the student will be offered a choice of an alternate course or a full refund of all fees paid to that time.

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