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Business COURSES


Certificate III in Business



Leap into the future of business with our dynamic Certificate III in Business course. Unpack the strategies that propel industry giants like Virgin and Apple to the forefront of innovation. Engage with a curriculum focused on personal growth, customer relationships, team cohesion, and strategic foresight. This program is your gateway to mastering sustainable business practices amid the rapid changes of the global business landscape. Get ready to transform your understanding and approach to business, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Diploma of Business


Step into the world of business leadership and innovation with our BSB50120 Diploma of Business. This course is designed for aspiring and current professionals who seek to elevate their expertise, drive business success, and carve out a distinguished career in the business world. Whether you aim to start your own enterprise, take on managerial roles, or enhance your strategic thinking and operational skills, this diploma offers a comprehensive curriculum covering critical aspects of business management, from project management to operational planning and team leadership. Dive into a learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, empowering you to tackle real-world business challenges confidently. Enrol now in our BSB50120 Diploma of Business and transform your aspirations into achievement.

Diploma of Leadership and Management


Transform your passion for leadership into a rewarding career with our BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management. This course is designed for those ready to step up and lead in today’s dynamic business environment. Whether you’re aspiring to management roles or looking to enhance your leadership capabilities, our diploma provides a robust foundation in leadership principles, strategic management, and effective team building. Dive into a curriculum that blends theoretical insights with practical applications, equipping you with the skills to inspire teams, drive change, and achieve operational excellence. Join our BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management and become the leader you're meant to be, guiding your team and organisation towards success.

Ichak Adize states, "A true manager or leader is a thumb, it works with every other finger on the hand". In this qualification, we will teach you the meaning of what a true modern-day manager is and how to shift into the mind set and become just that.

Our Location

Paradigm Training Group is now conveniently positioned in two locations at Australia’s Greatest Boatyard, The Boat Works in Coomera, QLD.

Find the administration team, Business/ Leadership/ Work Health and Safety and First Aid trainers in our office and training rooms in Building J01A of the South Yard, a short walk from Espresso Twenty5 and Boatworks Car Museum.

Our maritime training rooms are also located in the South Yard, opposite The Boat Works administration office and slipway at A-05 on the waterside of Hanger H.

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