Qualification Details

Qualification DETAILS

Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Fee-For-Service


Our HLTAID009 course on Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) equips you with the crucial skills needed to perform CPR confidently in emergencies. Ideal for anyone looking to learn life-saving techniques, this course covers the latest in CPR practices and procedures. By completing this training, you'll be prepared to act quickly and effectively, potentially saving lives in critical situations. Enhance your emergency response capabilities today by enrolling in our comprehensive CPR course.

Our CPR course, aligned with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines, provides the essential skills and knowledge needed to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation effectively. Designed for individuals across various settings, including the community and workplace, this unit empowers participants with the confidence to administer CPR in emergency situations. In Queensland, Australia, it's recommended that individuals renew their CPR certification annually to ensure their skills remain current and they stay updated with any changes in resuscitation practices. Enrolling in this course not only prepares you to respond promptly and efficiently in life-threatening scenarios but also ensures your qualifications meet ongoing legislative requirements.

This qualification is offered over a 3-month period through a blended delivery model of face-to-face and online training and assessment. The face-to-face component is delivered over a one-day workshop. Prior to commencement of the face-to-face component of the course, online pre-learning and formative assessment activities must be completed. You will have online support from trainers and assessors throughout the duration of the course.

Face-to-Face Workshop
The face-to-face component of this course is delivered over a one-day workshop. During the day you will complete training with formative and summative assessment activities within a classroom setting.

Online Activities
These consist of:

  • Multiple choice and other formative assessment questions
  • Reading learning materials
  • Reviewing slideshows and videos
  • Video, email, text and phone conversations with Trainers and Assessors

You will need a computer or tablet with internet access for the online component of this program.
Resources required for workshop day will be provide for you by PTG. 

In order to successfully complete this qualification and gain your CPR Certification, you must demonstrate competency in all unit knowledge and skill requirements. If you are unable to demonstrate competency in any of your unit activities or during the face-to-face workshop, you will be invited to attend further workshops where you will be provided with support and further opportunities for practice and to demonstrate the required competencies.

Please contact Paradigm Training Group on 1300 161 640 or via E-mail, info@paradigmtraining.edu.au for course fee information.


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