Qualification Details

Qualification DETAILS

Recreational Marine Boating Licence Course


Paradigm Training Group's two day course is competency based and accredited under the BoatSafe program approved by Queensland Transport. Upon successful completion you will receive a Statement of Competency for presentation to your local Transport Authority. Upon application, they issue your Recreational Marine Driver Licence and/or Personal Watercraft Licence.

During the course you will receive both theory and practical instruction to enable you to become familiar and confident in the operation of your vessel in a variety of boating and manoeuvring situations.


The recreational marine driver licence (RMDL) course allows individuals to gain confidence and competence operating recreational vessels in different scenarios.

To enrol and complete this course you must be over 16 years of age. For more information regarding how you can operate under the recreational licensing, please click here.
This course is offered over a two day course consisting of in class and on water training and assessment. Once enrolled, your enrolment in the recreational boating course is valid for 6 months from the enrolment date.

02.1 Day 1

 The first day of the Recreational Boat course is classroom based where you will learn the following:
  • Collision regulations (rules of the road)
  • Safety on board a vessel
You will also be required to complete a timed written assessment (40 minutes). To successfully gain competence you must complete with 100% correct answers. You are allowed two attempts of this assessment on the day, if you don't pass within the two attempts, you are required to try again on day two.

02.2  Day 2

 The second day of the Recreational Boat course is on water training and assessment onboard one of the amazing Paradigm Training Group Brigs.  You will learn the following:
  • Vessel pre-departure and shutdown checks
  • Vessel knowledge and terminology
  • Vessel handling practice
  • Basic berthing and unberthing (port or starboard)
  • Figure eight and reverse figure eight
  • Overboard drills
  • Anchoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Seamanship skills
You will also be required to complete an on water practical assessment. You will have the opportunity to nominate when you are ready for this assessment on the day. The assessment can not start until the on water learning component is completed.
During the two day workshop you will be required to:
  • Complete medical fitness disclosure statement (Click here for preview).
  • Complete the Recreational Marine Driver Licence Exam paper
  • Complete the Recreational Marine Driver Licence Practical assessment
  • Have lots of fun!
All required resources are provided during the course

03.1 Learner Resources

  • A copy of the RMDL learner resource will be sent to you prior to attending the course. This will give you the opportunity to complete pre-study insuring a successful outcome on your theory assessment.

03.1 Vessel Handling

  • Students MUST wear appropriate clothing for both class and water activities. Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times while on training vessels.
You must have a marine licence to operate a boat that has an engine power greater than 4.5kW. You don't need to carry your licence with you on the water, but you must have proof of identity with you. You can verify your licence online.

In Queensland, a boat (also known as a Queensland regulated ship) must only be used for recreational activities, or for school, surf lifesaving or community activities—not for business, trade or commerce. To operate a personal watercraft, you must have a recreational marine licence and a personal watercraft licence.

If you have a supervisor with a valid marine licence on board, you can operate a boat or personal watercraft without a licence. The licensed supervisor must be able to take immediate control in case of trouble. You can only operate a boat or personal watercraft that is towing a person—for example, someone water skiing or riding a tube—if you have a valid marine licence. Certain rules apply if you want to drive a hire boat—contact your local Maritime Safety Queensland office to find out more.
You can start operating as a licenced recreational boat operator once you have presented your statement of competence to the Department of Transport and Main Road Queensland and have paid all required fees. When applying for your licence you will need to present the following:

Completed marine licence application (F2334) (click here)
Proof of identity (click here)
Original and current statement of competency (issued after successful completion of this course)
Pay a licence fee (click here)

For your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre please click here.
Recreational Marine Boat Licence Course



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At this location we have been blessed with a large training room to which we host first aid, navigation workshops and general learning presentations. For mariners in training, you’ll have direct and clear access to the Broadwater and Seaway via our PTG vessels during practical workshops. In your lunch breaks, indulge in onsite delicious delights with super friendly service from Espresso Twenty5 and The Galley.

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aXcelerate has enabled PTG to deliver the latest innovations in education solutions by automating the enrolment, training and assessment processes.” – Rikky Burkett Director of PTG. This management system can be accessed via a portable electronic device (e.g. tablet, laptop, mobile phone) allowing our Trainers/ Assessors to easily assess students in real time. Our staff can record comments, video, photographs and practical observation results even when offline which is a huge advantage during our practical student workshops.