Qualification Details

Qualification DETAILS

Diploma of Leadership and Management


The world of leadership and management is forever changing, initially it was seen as being an administrator, that's why we have Masters in Business Administration (MBA) that still exist within universities. It then moved from being Administrators to Managers, which allowed the senior staff of organisations to separate themselves from the lower areas of the hierarchy.

However, Management is again changing, the focus is now Leadership, Coaching or Sustainable Human Resource Management (SHRM) and flattening out the hierarchy structures.

Ichak Adize states, "A true manager or leader is a thumb, it works with every other finger on the hand". In this qualification, we will teach you the meaning of what a true modern day manager is and how to shift into the mind set and become just that.
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This qualification allows individuals the ability to learn, identify and adopt modern day leadership and management theories and applications. Those wishing to undertake this qualification can look forward to developing their leadership and management skills and business knowledge.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management will allow the participant to:
Understand the role of a manager and become an effective leader
Contribute innovation and growth to the business
Be effective planners consistently reaching individual, team and business goals
Develop an effective team-oriented environment
Achieve greater profits and strategic outcomes
Develop systems creating a sustainable business model
The BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management is comprised of face-to-face and distance learning. This course is delivered over a 15 day face-to-face training program while completing extra training and assessments via distance over a 12 month period with assistance by a trainer and assessor.

The face-to-face component of this qualification is undertaken at PTG facilities where students will be taught all the required principles, theories and concepts for the selected qualification package. Competency may be achieved using distance based written and/or electronic delivery and assessment.

You are welcome to attend more than one face-to-face workshop during the 12 month program if you would like extra learning or if the trainer and assessor has identified that you need extra time in order to gain competency. Extra workshops incur no further costs and are included in your original course fee/s.
Within the face-to-face component of this course you will complete training with formative and summative assessment activities in the following environments:
Online and written assessments
Face-to-face practical assessment
Real work experience
From enrolment and completion of PTG’s language literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment, learners may access PTG’s online learning system for theory based learning and assessment with Trainer and Assessor email support.
You will need a computer or tablet with internet access for the online components of this program.

03.1 Learner Resource

Diploma of Leadership and Management Learner Guide/ Workbook (Will be provided by PTG).
In order to successfully complete this qualification and gain your Diploma of Leadership and Management, you must demonstrate competency in all unit knowledge and skill requirements.

If you are unable to demonstrate competency in any of your unit activities or during the face-to-face workshop, you will be invited to attend further workshops where you will be provided with support and further opportunities for practice and to demonstrate the required competencies.

05.1 Credit Transfer

If you have completed any single or multiple units in this qualification and can provide evidence in the form of a certificate and transcript issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or educational body, you may be eligible for credit transfer. You should consult with PTG for advice on this process.

05.2 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL recognises your existing experience gained through life or work for which you may not have obtained a formal qualification. If you are able to supply valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence of having the skills and knowledge required for any or all of the required units for this qualification, you may be eligible for RPL and should consult with PTG for advice on this process.
This qualification is made up of 12 units of competency:

Course Fee - $3,995.00

$1,500.00 of the course fee is due upon enrolment and prior to accessing the student online platform. The remaining $2,495.00 is due prior to the 15 day practical workshop or once 50% of the course has been completed, whichever occurs first.

For information on PTG payment plans or possible funding options, contact us on 1300 161 640 or info@paradigmtraining.com.au


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