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Paradigm Training Group Values

What are Paradigm’s values you may ask? We’ll it is fairly obvious, we value education, the learning experience, self-confidence, our community and celebratory sausage sizzles!

Let’s talk education. It is highly important to us that you receive the most up-to-date and correct knowledge regarding your field of interest. Our courses have been written by some of the best trainers in the fields of maritime, business and first aid, so you can be guaranteed a successful learning experience. This leads us into our next value: ‘The Learning Experience.’ We were all once students too, and we understand that learning can sometimes prove tedious. To counter this, we have broken up your course study into easily consumable sections with interactive components, engaging workshops and delightfully fun assessment pieces.

It is though our practical workshops where we really strive to develop your self-confidence. We target the takeaway concepts of your course and persevere until you are 100% happy with your practical skills. If you don’t feel entirely confident after your practical workshop, we will invite you back for another workshop absolutely free of charge! Why you ask? Comes back to our values. We value you as a student and we value our community.

If you aren’t confident in your knowledge and skills out in the work force, then this may prove detrimental to your professional work life and possibly affect your community. We wish to provide our community with confident, safe and efficient professionals so that everything sails smoothly.

Here at Paradigm we do things a bit differently to other educational institutions, we go a bit overboard in celebrating student success. Our personal touch is a celebratory cheeky lunch/ sausage sizzle after practical workshops to show we appreciate your hard efforts!

Like the sound of that? Come join us on an educational and most enjoyable journey.

Dream it. We’ll help you achieve it.


Self Confidence

Learning Experience


Celebratory Sausage Sizzle after workshops!


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Attend Practical Sessions

our NEW-ish

Have you heard the news? Paradigm Training Group is now conveniently located at Australia’s Greatest Boatyard, The Boat Works in Coomera, QLD.

At this location we have been blessed with a large training room to which we host first aid, navigation workshops and general learning presentations. For mariners in training, you’ll have direct and clear access to the Broadwater and Seaway via our PTG vessels during practical workshops. In your lunch breaks, indulge in onsite delicious delights with super friendly service from Espresso Twenty5 and The Galley.

The Boat Works, that’s where we are at!