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As a company, we aim for continuing success and growth. Do you know the old saying, “two heads are better than one”? Well, we believe that success comes from strong, collaborative partnerships between similar goal-orientated companies. This is why we have partnered with these wonderfully innovative companies to work towards a common goal, client education and satisfaction.

Our Clients

Since the establishment of PTG, we’ve been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, providing them with comprehensive and up-to-date education. In this time, together we have achieved great successes and built lasting relationships. Here are just a few examples of the client relationships we have formed over the years.

our NEW-ish

Have you heard the news? Paradigm Training Group is now conveniently located at Australia’s Greatest Boatyard, The Boat Works in Coomera, QLD.

At this location we have been blessed with have a large training room to which we host first aid, navigation workshops and general learning presentations. For mariners in training, you’ll have direct and clear access to the Broadwater and Seaway via our PTG vessels during practical workshops. In your lunch breaks, indulge in onsite delicious delights with super friendly service from Espresso Twenty5 and The Galley.

The Boat Works, that’s where we are at!

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